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Author: Tara

Budget Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is often one of those rooms in everyone’s house that gets overlooked for interior design, because all too often people think, “Why bother?” I mean, hardly anyone ever sees the bathroom outside the family, right? But the fact is, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. The bathroom is often a place to go to relax and unwind, take a bath and let the world melt away. It’s also one of the most important places we use to get ready for work, school, and other important places. Its design, and functionality, are crucial. In this...

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Adorable Homemade Baby Gifts

Shopping for gifts for a newborn can be frustrating, because it’s really the parents you’re shopping for, and you don’t know what they already have. Sure, they can sign up for a registry, but even then not everyone will use the registry when buying gifts, potentially leading to multiples of the same items. So why not make something unique and special for their little arrival? That way, you know for sure they’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift that they’ll treasure always. It may even become a family heirloom! These adorable homemade baby gifts are sure to become treasured keepsakes. Best...

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Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas

These easy DIY landscaping ideas will make your yard look like a professional landscaped it in no time, and at a fraction of the cost! Turn your yard into the oasis it was meant to be without spending a whole year’s salary to do it. 1. Easy DIY Garden Fountain Learn how to build a garden fountain for next to nothing using a lot of materials you probably already have. This is a beautiful project, and it won’t take long to put together. Read More… 2. How to Edge Your Lawn Learn how to edge your lawn like a...

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Easy Woodworking Projects

These easy woodworking projects for beginners to intermediate level are useful and fun! Learn how to make great wood products and learn basic skills while you make them! 1. $15 DIY Outdoor Bench It would cost you $100 or more to buy a bench like this brand new, but with this easy woodworking project, you can make your own for about $15. Read More… 2. Easy DIY Wooden Crate Tutorial Wooden crates are huge in home decor right now. They’re great for getting that famous shabby chic look, and they’re perfect for storage. They can also cost a small...

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Easy Knitting Projects

These easy knitting projects are great for beginners and for people of all ages! You’ll find a wide variety of knitting patterns you can use to make all kinds of great crafts that you can use or even sell! 1. Easy Knitted Bunnies Tutorial These adorable little knitted bunnies are easy for knitting beginners. All you need to do is knit a square and sew everything together, then add a little stuffing and a little fleece tail or pom pom. Voila! A little bunny! Read More… 2. Easy DIY Knitted Slippers This is a totally genius design, and SO...

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